Syrian Whistleblower: Refugees Want To Occupy Europe And Destroy Christianity

Syrian Whistleblower: Refugees Want To Occupy Europe And Destroy Christianity

October 5, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai Middle East, News 5

Syrian refugee reveals refugees secretly want to occupy Europe and destroy Christianity

A Syrian whistleblower has spoken out about the real intentions of refugees entering Germany, claiming their aim is to occupy Europe and destroy Christianity.

“In fact, most of those refugees came to Europe in general and to Germany in particular, not because their lives were threatened, not because they were suppressed, persecuted, oppressed or because of racial or sectarian discrimination, (…) They came here for many other reasons,” the whistleblower named “Paul” told a German magazine. reports: When asked what he means by that, he answers:

“The first reason is clearly religious. The second reason financial. They came to Germany with the absolute certainty that it is wanted by their God, the only God (Allah).

Their God, the Muslim God, because they believe God’s religion is Islam, and that all other religions’ followers are infidels and deserve to be killed.”