Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. On the day before the Kavanaugh hearings began on Capital Hill, a replica of the bloody pagan Baal Arch of Palmyra was set in place where its arch perfectly set the Capital Building in the center.

We demonstrate, in our DVD, "Riddles In Stone", the Masonic architect, L’ Enfant, created / dedicated all of Government Center to the worship of Baal.

The basis for Baal worship and for America’s New World Order effort to destroy our Constitutional government is the sacrifice of innocent children!

2. Is the United States’ Constitution and the practice of objective law based upon provable truth fatally wounded?

She has been deeply gashed, shot multiple times and beaten severely by Liberal Democrats during the Senate hearing to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

3. Mothers beware: if Constitutional presumption of innocent until proven guilty is killed, then YOUR father, YOUR husband, and YOUR brothers could be falsely accused and convicted and imprisoned!

Communist and Nazi dictatorships feasted on the carcass created by their foundation of "allegation equals guilt"!

4. A radical feminist from New York boldly calls for the Electoral College to be abolished!

This agenda has been part of this fight over Judge Kavanaugh, as both are aimed squarely against the Christian-centered Constitutional Government of our Fore-Fathers