Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian “Blasphemer”?

Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian "Blasphemer"?
Ruling Expected on the Fate of Asia Bibi

by Raymond Ibrahim • October 10, 2018 at 5:00 am

  • In her memoirs, Asia Bibi wonders "whether being a Christian in Pakistan today is not just a failing, or a mark against you, but actually a crime." Her question is finally about to be answered by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.
  • Because the word of a Christian is not valid against the word of a Muslim, blasphemy accusations by Muslims against Christians are common and routinely result in the imprisonment, beating and even murder of Christians — as when 1,200 Muslims deliberately burned a young Christian couple to death in 2014 for allegedly insulting Islam.
  • "The Maulvis [clerics] want her dead. They have announced a [monetary] prize… for anyone who kills Asia. They have even declared that if the court acquits her they will ensure the death sentence stands." — Asia Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih.