Merkel To Quit As German Leader As Citizens Reject Globalism

Merkel To Quit As German Leader As Citizens Reject Globalism

October 29, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 3

Angela Merkel quits as German leader

Globalist German chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down as chair of Germany’s ruling CDU party after citizens rejected her unpopular open-border policies.

Following a disastrous performance by her party in the regional election in the German state of Hesse on Sunday, Merkel accepted that her time was up.

Giving up the party post will weaken her authority in Europe and reinforce the anti-globalist uprising happening across the continent. reports: The Chancellor will reportedly retire after the end of her current term in 2021, which will give the CDU time to groom a successor. Though she remains one of Germany’s most popular politicians, her fellow Christian Democrats have long been demanding that she clear a path for her successor. After leaving German politics, Merkel has reportedly said she won’t consider any EU-wide posts.