Will Today’s Sanhedrin Usher in the Antichrist?

Will Today’s Sanhedrin Usher in the Antichrist?

Apr 16, 2019 | 0 |

Will Today’s Sanhedrin Usher in the Antichrist?

OPINION (Charisma) – An interview with the spokesman for the Sanhedrin was twisted into an evil conspiracy theory claiming that the Jewish elders are working to bring the Antichrist. A Christian Temple Mount advocate laments the negative message of the video, pointing out that it entirely misses the message that is enormously important to Jews and Christians alike. A new film by RSE, or “RoundSaturnsEye,” an independent Christian video company, focused on the Sanhedrin. In the video, the presenter interviews Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin, about the activities of the Sanhedrin including the building of an altar, the red heifer,

the minting of commemorative coins and its plans to institute an organization of 70 nations. Rabbi Weiss restated the Sanhedrin’s opinion that Trump has the potential to be comparable to Cyrus as a non-Jewish ruler who is playing a key role in the creation of a Jewish temple. The video has garnered an astounding 100,000 views in three days. RSE (a shortened version of RoundSaturnEye) creates videos for Christian viewers. The organization and its videos are controversial even among Christians, so much so that the man behind the camera remains anonymous. RSE videos describe global conspiracies being perpetrated by Freemasons and the illuminati as well as the Vatican