Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

1. The most important iconic symbol of Roman Catholicism has erupted into flame and has been largely destroyed — Notre Dame Cathedral.

Do not let anyone tell you that this massive repertoire of pagan Catholic relics, statutes and paintings is "Christian".

As Catholicism prepares to lead the world into the new global religion under the False Prophet Pope, perhaps the time has come to symbolically burn that edifice down.

2. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has received the majority support he needs to form the next Coalition Government.

Very rapidly now, the Palestinians are going to be given two ultimatums they will find so offensive they just might go to war!

3. Conservative political pundits are stating that tomorrow’s release of the full Mueller Report will sound the death knell to the Russia collaboration lie.

Right on cue, President Trump calls for "an investigation into the investigators" to ferret out the traitors.

4. See what has happened to America’s sense of morality!

A student of the Catholic institution, Boston College, has just declared that a "baby who survives abortion is not A baby"!

In the deep recesses of history, I could just hear Nazi mass murderer state that a "Jewish baby who survives abortion is not a baby"!

5. President Trump is said to be considering bussing illegal immigrants currently overwhelming Border Patrol to "Sanctuary Cities" where they have already been welcomed by the majors and governors!

But, wait a minute, whines Cher: Los Angeles cannot absorb anymore immigrants as she cannot properly take care of the homeless they currently have.

Translation: Deal with the illegal immigrant flood by any means necessary short of dropping them in MY back yard!

6. Western Millennials are woefully lacking in knowledge of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jew.

But, this next Holocaust will be directed against Christians first!