Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

1. Iran continued to ratchet up tensions in the Gulf by forcing an oil supertanker from UAE to divert to Iranian waters.

Iran also continues to stir the pot of war against Israel, using her proxy forces. War rhetoric fills the air.

2. As domestic political warfare continues unabated, we suddenly hear the drumbeats of the USMCA (NAFTA) agreement.

Can the issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico be intertwined with the issue of forming a new supernation which includes Mexico?

3. President Trump uttered a personal feeling felt by many patriotic Americans, when he stated that people who have come to America from overseas need to go back if they are truly unhappy here.

Immediately, the President was hit by charges of "Racist", the overused and tiring label thrown at anyone who disagrees with a Leftist today.

4. President Trump won an important Federal Court case on Sanctuary Cities.

He can, indeed, withhold funds and services from cities, counties, and states who break the law by not cooperating with ICE.

5. Donald Trump became aware of the Jeffrey Epstein – Bill Clinton connection as early as 2015, but decided to hold his information until the timing was politically correct!

Underage girls victimized by Epstein and his powerfully connected friends are providing much detail as to his system of predatory sex!

6. One of the major signs that a society is coming apart is when lawmakers become major lawbreakers!

The Leftist Democrat Party is leading the way!