Critical Headlines

Critical Headlines

1. Just weeks after President Trump committed our entire fleet of the Stealth Fighter/Bomber, F-35, to Israel’s defense, top-level American generals met in a planning session with Israel’s elite generals.

Iran is thus now on alert: her forces attacking the IDF will quickly be facing American firepower.

2. A retired IDF Air Force officer issues a stark warning that this next war with Islamic forces will produce scenes that this modern nation has never seen.

His warnings parallel Israel’s End Times’ Prophecies!

3. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz reveals that both Israel and the United
States are literally trying to destroy and remove the most successful leaders in the history of modern Israel.

4. Too many American people have lost the Common Sense which would allow them to discern truth from lie and leaders who can be trusted from those who are chronic liars.

5. Leftist leaders in both England and America are releasing convicted felons from prison!

And, some of these felons are killing again!

6. Should the Liberals who ridiculed the idea that people of this Texas town needed semi-automatic guns to protect them from the herds of feral pigs, now be charged with murder since feral pigs killed one of their citizens?