Critical Headlines

Critical Headlines

1. A major Antichrist prophecy is suddenly back in the news, backed by President Trump and the House of Representatives.

Abruptly, the Trump White House announced that the President and the leadership of the House of Representatives had agreed on the final details of the USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement)!

The USMCA unites Canada, the United States and Mexico into one economic nation and paves the way for a political union, setting the stage for fulfilling Daniel 7:7-8.

2. Another End Times’ Prophecy continues to unfold in Supernation #7, clearing a major obstacle to forming this regional government.

The United States will recognize Kurdistan, sooner rather than later.

3. Evanston, Illinois, is committing a historical error by voting to set up a continuing tax on marijuana so a slavery reparations fund could be set up!

Starting in 1861 and continuing today (159 years), the United States Federal Government has paid over $20 Trillion in slavery reparations! When will this frantic feeding at the pig trough come to an end?

4. Impeachment news continues to build in frenzy, forming a "Wag The Dog" shield to distract voters from prophecy being fulfilled!

* President Trump can now be impeached for his thoughts, his motives!

* Republicans are now insisting that Democrat tactics are opening the door to Congress impeaching any official any time, even retroactively!

* Impeachment tactics are threatening to destroy our Constitutional Republic!

5. Russia, Syria and the United Nations are cooperating to rebuild the ancient Baal Temple in Palmyra, Syria.

Kabbalistic prophecy states that messiah will appear after this pagan temple is rebuilt for the third time!

6. As North Korean dictator Kim verbally threatens the United States, President Trump reminds him of our massive military might.

7. Gun-Free military installations set our own soldiers up for murder.

We train our soldiers how to safely aim and shoot guns in combat, why should we forbid them to be armed on base?