Critical Headlines

Critical Headlines

1. The USMCA – the North American Union — continues to be shielded by the Democrat’s impeachment trial.

A key Senate committee has passed the agreement, so now the Senate will consider the measure.

But, impeachment is holding the USMCA hostage, so "demand" is growing to pass USMCA immediately, even though that haste will limit the time in which this agreement can be debated.

Remember: USMCA will form Nation #1 in the Antichrist Prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8!

2. After President Trump "punched Iran in the nose" when he successfully killed the terror general, Soleimani, Iran’s President Rouhani, backed down when he said:

"The only solution is de-escalation"!

Liberals, Leftists, Democrats must learn history’s lesson: the only way in which to defeat a dictator intent upon conquering is to deliver a punch, accompanied by a threat of more to come if the aggressor does not retreat.

3. Iranian people take to the streets to demand "Regime Change" and to celebrate the death of the terror general!

President Trump takes their side, thus threatening the Ayatollah regime with internal overthrow.

4. Iranian protestors refused to walk on the Israeli and the American flag during their Tehran protests.

Why is it that Iranian citizens love and respect America more than many of our own citizens?

5. President Trump is proven once again that he knows what he is doing!

* His economic sanctions are destroying the ability of Iran to go to war

* His trade war against China is now seen as surprisingly effective, with America coming through with no damage whatsoever!

6. Since reelection is generally dependent upon an economy which is performing well, President Trump must have no trouble at all this November:

* Our economy adds 145,000 jobs in December

* The Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly topped 29,000 points, the highest ever recorded!