Critical Headlines

Critical Headlines

1. Is President Trump going to abruptly announce that a cure has been discovered, and is in place, for COVID-19?

He could then order an end to all these restrictions which are already proving to be unsustainable for long.

The President seems to be dropping hints that this crisis will conclude sooner rather than later!

2. President Trump accumulated a quantity of the drug which has been successfully treating Coronavirus patients and he sent this drug to his arch-nemesis , New York City!

If this drug proves successful, then the President could announce a cure and end the strangling restrictions now being imposed against us.

3. The Leftist Democrat Party may have very well delivered a suicidal shot to their head when they voted down the President’s Coronavirus economic stimulus plan!

If Trump’s campaign strategists are able to convince voters that the Democrats are NOT interested one whit about their economic well-being that could cause the Democrat Party such a great defeat as to be unimaginable!

4. Governments around the globe are imposing draconian restrictions. in the face of a threat whose cure seems more damaging than the disease.

In Israel, the new state which has emerged to face the virus has been labeled a "Police State"!

5. Behind the noise and the clutter of the media over COVID-19, Israel has begun legislation design to annex Judea-Samaria!

The old "Wag The Dog" media strategy in action!

6. Consider the types of police state laws which local officials have imposed, using the COVID-19 crisis as the pretext:

7. Meanwhile foggy Joe Biden is said to be preparing the list of people he might want to be his Vice-President.

Is Hillary Clinton on that list