Question: “Do the ends justify the means?”

Question: "Do the ends justify the means?"

Answer: The answer to this question depends on what the ends or goals are and what means are being used to achieve them. If the goals are good and noble, and the means we use to achieve them are also good and noble, then yes, the ends do justify the means. But that’s not what most people mean when they use the expression. Most use it as an excuse to achieve their goals through any means necessary, no matter how immoral, illegal or unpleasant the means may be. What the expression usually means is something like “It doesn’t matter how you get what you want as long as you get it.”

The “ends justifying the means” usually involves doing something wrong to achieve a positive end and justifying the wrongdoing by pointing to a good outcome. An example would be lying on a resume to get a good job and justifying the lie by saying the larger income will enable the liar to provide more adequately for his family. Another might be justifying the abortion of a baby to save the life of the mother. Lying and taking an innocent life are both morally wrong, but providing for one’s family and saving the life of a woman are morally right. Where, then, does one draw the line?

Comment: In these very last days, very wicked leaders have risen to power in govt’s around the world. They are doing great evil to bring about satan’s kingdom of the antichrist. The bible warns that when the wicked rise to power, the people grown. But we have great hope knowing that very soon all saved Christians will be going home. It is time for judgment upon this evil and sinful world.
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